Household Zen: Clutter-free bathroom

Here’s an insight you may find helpful…

A friend of mine is a Couchsurfing addict — he’s traveled the world staying in countless different homes, and showered in many bathrooms! ¬†Throughout his traveling life he’s made an observation I thought would be worth sharing.

He found (very unscientifically, mind, so remember your pinch of salt!) that the happier households often had much fewer toiletries in their bathrooms.

On the other hand, households that were more stressed and unhappier had bathtubs surrounded by legions of shampoo bottles, numerous conditioners, shower-gel bottles of varying fill levels!

Whether it’s people with clear mindsets who tend to use less, and keep less, or whether having a clutter free household keeps a clear and happy mind there’s something to this.

I like to keep things clutter free in general. ¬†I only use Dr Bronner’s fair-trade soap – it’s the only bottle there. It can be used to clean the whole bathroom, as well as keeping me from smelling!

It’s not my intention to preach a bottle free bathroom, but if you want to try de-clutter your home, you’ll like the challenge coming up in the next post!