Happy Body Meditation – 10 steps to feeling great!

It’s a common belief that people who meditate have healthy bodies — maybe it’s true, or maybe they just feel that way as a result of it.  I believe that your body loves attention, your own attention, and when it’s happy, it’s healthy!

So here’s a 10 step meditation to make your body buzzing with a  warm glow:

1. Lie down, nice and comfy.

2. Focus on your breathing, like a gentle tide coming in, and going out your body.

3. Now imagine the breath travelling all the way to your feet, in and out.  5 breaths, making the last one the deepest.

4. Let your focus move on the last breath to your calves.  Repeat the 5 breaths again.

5. Knees next, remembering to make the 5th the deepest.

6. Thighs now, 5 breaths again.

7. Your getting the hang of it!  Now do the same 5 breath routine for the whole of your legs.

8. Pelvic area next; then lower back; upper back and shoulders; now stomach then chest.  Next, 5 breaths for your whole torso.

9. Now, do it for both arms together, and finally your head.

10. Finally, imagine the 5 breaths filling your entire body, feel it filling every inch of you and the buzzing warmth it brings.

This is a great one to do just as you go to sleep.  It helped me whenever I struggled to get to sleep.  This is also a good meditation to do when you generally feel lethargic.

Getting to grips to this one can be really useful for the general wellbeing, and also meditation to reduce pain and discomfort…watch this space for that meditation too!

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