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#Meditation Technique: Candle Meditation

Rating: Easy!

Here’s a super easy meditation.  In fact, if you’ve struggled with meditation so far, this one is actually a good way to ease yourself into the technique.

Most of us have found ourselves staring at a candle, often for much longer than we realise.  There’s something about it that completely clears your mind.

It’s also well known how relaxing candle light is.  All this makes for a very relaxing meditation, so here’s how:

1.  Sit upright, but comfortable.  This can be on a chair, the floor, anywhere with good support.

2.  Light a candle in front of you (make sure you do this safely!  No burns and fires, thank you very much!)

3.  As you watch the flame, focus on your breathing.  The gentle in and out of the air as it goes to your Centre (2 inches below the navel).

4.  As with any meditation, do not linger on any thoughts: if you find yourself thinking of anything, simply focus once more on the flame.

5.  Be aware of the time.  Set yourself a goal (e.g. 5 minutes); something manageable.  Then, next time, when you get more and more confident with the meditation, you can increase the time.

The key here is training your mind to return to a state of clarity; emptying your mind of thoughts.  This is the basis of all meditation.  As you teach yourself how to do this, you can try more challenging meditation techniques, such as everyday mindfulness, or simple Zazen (sitting meditation).

Give it a try, and let me know your experiences, comments, or questions below!


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