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Meditation Technique: Be like water

Meditation ‘Be like water’

The last in my 3 part ‘Be like water’ posts, inspired by Bruce Lee’s unforgettable quote.

This time it’s more of a short meditation which aims to keep your mind free from negative thoughts.

As mentioned before in the Mindfulness ‘Be like water’ post, there are different meanings to this quote. This interpretation makes your mind the water.

Imagine your mind as a lake of water: still and formless.


Any distracting thoughts, be they imaginings, negative emotions, or even harmful things said by others, are like stones thrown into the surface of the water.

Yes, there’s a splash and ripples, and that’s okay.  Yet, just as the water of a lake returns to stillness, the ripples in your mind can fade away and you will return to that calm sense of serenity which forms the basis of your mind.

Whenever I feel bad, whether it be from a negative experience or worrying thoughts, I imagine the negative thought disappearing beneath the surface, and the ripples slowly getting smaller and smaller, until there is nothing left of that thought; just stillness.

The stress from the thought dissipates, and I’m left feeling calm and relaxed.

How does it work for you? Leave a comment below!


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