WonderWoman Pose Meditation

#Meditation: The Superman/Wonderwoman Pose

2 Minutes to Instant Confidence

Difficulty: Easy

Here’s a meditation which borrows a little from NLP and body language secrets.  The Superman Pose (or Wonder Woman pose, if you like!) uses positive body language to reset your mind into a more confident and happier state.

Superman Pose



Well, when I say it’s easy … Just copy the picture above!

Stand in that pose for two minutes.  You can count the minutes.  During that time, your mind will adapt to, and embrace, your body’s confidence; even if the confidence of your body is ‘posed’.

So, immediately before a potentially stressful situation (such as an interview), strike the pose!  You might choose to do this in private (e.g. bathroom stall, as glamorous as that may be!).

It seems odd, but it works.

For a little secret way to incorporate this into your routine twice a day, without even taking extra time out of your schedule…watch this space! 😉

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