#Mindfulness Exercise: Making Your Bed

A mindfulness exercise to kick off your day, boosting your motivation and set yourself up to stay mindful throughout the day.

Difficulty: Easy

This one’s inspire by Admiral McRaven’s speech to graduates at the University of Texas.  He stated that one reason Navy Seals were forced to make their beds to an immaculate standard is to get them of the mindset of achievement.  By starting the day achieving something simple, but rewarding, you prepare yourself for a day where accomplishment comes naturally.

We’re also going to use it as an opportunity to bring ourselves back to the present moment and set ourselves up to be mindful from the start of the day.


1. However humble or extravagant your bed, the moment you get up start making it.

2. Make it perfect from the bottom sheet to the extra pillows: every aspect should be 100% – as if someone were to be inspecting it!

3. Throughout the process, clear your mind and focus on getting every detail right.  As you do this, focus on your breathing, how your weight shifts as you move, how the linen feels between your fingertips: focus on the minutiae of the task to root yourself in the moment and in your own skin.

4. Once you are finished, behold the glory of your creation! You’ve kicked off your day with an achievement you can be proud of; one that will be rewarding later after a long day!  You’ve also prepped your body for a day of focus and mindfulness.

Setting the tone for the day like this is more potent than you think: you’re laying down the foundation for the rest of the day.

Now you can follow it up with the Toothbrush Meditation, and already you have squeezed two meditations into your morning and you won’t be late for work because of them!

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