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#Mindfulness Technique: Bite-Size Zen’s Mantra

A Mantra used to mean a sacred utterance or words, believed to have a spiritual or physical effect on the speaker (and those around him/her).  Nowadays, a lot of people have their own personal mantra.

Here’s ours:

“Change what you cannot accept, and accept what you cannot change.”

This mantra intends to free you from worry.

Most of us worry about things we have little control over.  This is often exacerbated by us sitting passively and accepting circumstances which we could improve if we were to take action.

If something is pestering us, we should take action over it.  For example, the next time somebody is playing loud music on their phone on the train (yes, we’ve all had this!) and you’re not enjoying the experience, rather than sitting by and taking it (building up in stress while you seethe away wishing they’d shut it!), assert yourself!

Ask them to turn it down/off/listen to it through headphones.

(If they’re aggressive and you feel intimidated, you don’t need to push it…you tried, and you’ll feel better for it.  Try not to get into to much trouble!)

On the other hand, if there is something you can’t change, you must do your best to accept it.  You can’t change the weather — so if your game of tennis has been rained off, do not be stressed out over it.  Accept that sometimes a thing we want is not achievable.

Once you’ve accepted things you believe you cannot change, this is where the mantra comes into its own.

Repeat it.

The first part rings in your mind: “change what you cannot accept”.  You can then start to think about solutions you never thought up before, and discover that actually you could change a situation you found unacceptable and unchangeable.  Whether it’s your outlook that changes, or the circumstance itself.

A relaxed mind, and a more positive mind, often finds solutions a stressed and unhappy mind overlooks.

I hope you find this Mantra useful =)

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