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#Mindfulness Technique: Us vs Them — a cure for road/commute rage!

Difficulty Rating: Medium

Here’s a very simple mindfulness technique to help you be more calm in day to day life, but especially while driving or commuting!  (It’s just tricky at first, and not easy to remember to do it all the time, hence the medium rating.)

I have terrible road rage (I am certain that everyone but me is a terrible driver…), so I came up with this technique to help calm me down:

Every time you think about yourself or others, use the pronoun we, as opposed to me, I, them, he, or she.


For example: rather than thinking “He’s driving like an idiot!”, replace the ‘he’ with ‘we’ and your mind adapts the sentence to something like “We’re driving a little silly today!”

This identification with other drivers/commuters calms you as you become more forgiving: we are always more forgiving to those we identify as part of ‘our’ group.

This ties in nicely with the Buddhist belief that we are all one; or the Christian and Muslim belief that we are all children of God.  This kind of attitude will make you more compassionate, happier, and you’ll find others treating you better too!

Like it? Tried it? Or not convinced? Let me know your thoughts!

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