Returning to your centre – Breathing Meditation

Now here’s a technique I use all the time to bring myself back to the present moment.  As well as relaxing you, and allowing you to step back from any stressful situation you may be facing, it helps with the realisation mentioned in the last post — that you are not simply the voice running through your head!

The best bit: it’s wonderfully easy!

Read the instructions once over, then take a look at the notes below.  Then you can follow the instructions in earnest.

  1. Firstly, however you’re seated, get that posture nice and relaxed; upright, but relaxed
  2. Notice your breathing*
  3. Focusing on each breath, count up to 10 (each full inhalation and exhalation counting as 1).  If you get distracted by any other thoughts, go back to 1
  4. As thoughts enter your mind, return your attention to each inhale and exhale, and let the thoughts drift away themselves
  5. If you reach 10, start over!

Notice your mind become clear; your body relax; and negative situations playing out in your mind losing their potency as you realise the serene Moment surrounding you

*It’s important that you do not consciously control your breathing.  Let your body do its thing.  All you need to do is Notice.  Give your breathing your full attention.  Try to avoid thinking ‘in…out…’.

**Avoid thinking of reaching 10 as a challenge you must overcome; this may prove frustrating if you get distracted often.  This frustration will make it even harder to focus, and fill your mind with even more negative thoughts.  It’s the journey that’s important, not the destination.

I hope this exercising helps you find some peace even when the world around you at first seems stressful.  Practice it often.  This simple meditation is a wonderful tool to have on your journey to Enlightenment!


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