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#Mindfulness Technique: Shaolin Mindfulness

Difficulty rating: Easy/Medium

Here’s a Mindfulness technique which my friend told me about.  I’m not 100% certain this is an official Shoalin Mindfulness Technique…but it’s a good enough name for this particular one!

It’s very simple to do.  However, remembering to do it at all times is a bit tricker and takes practice (hence the Medium rating)!

There’s really just one step to it:

Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s simply walking down the street, or performing a more dexterous task such as chopping veg for tonights meal, think this to yourself:

I will do this to the very best of my ability.

Think  this for everything, be it menial tasks or complicated actions.

E.g. “I will pick up this remote to the very best of my ability“; or “I will carry this stack of delicate and valuable plates to the very best of my ability“.

This is a very effective way of focusing your mind on the task at hand, which is exactly what Mindfulness is!

By doing this, you will not only free your mind of unnecessary, and even negative thoughts, helping to reduce stress and increase happiness, but you will also become much less clumsy!

Thanks to Alex St. John for sharing this brilliant Mindfulness technique!

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