The Toothbrush Meditation

Here’s my favourite meditation of them all…
The reason is because it’s so simple, takes 2 minutes, and can be done twice a day with NO EXTRA EFFORT!


So, here we go…: The Toothbrush Meditation!

  1. Grab your toothbrush, apply toothpaste etc.
  2. Stand tall, not like a board, but upright.
  3. As you massage your teeth with the toothbrush:

– pay close attention to your breathing as you brush; to the sensation of the bristles on your gums; to the taste and feeling of the toothpaste on your tongue.

– Without allowing any distractions or labelling any sensations, NOTICE the sensations in your mouth and let your mind clear of any thoughts.

        4. Do this exercise for the entire two minutes you brush your teeth.

What’s great is you do this twice a day, every day (or, at least you really should!), anyway, but from now you can use it to meditate too.  This is Mindfulness, and the more you practice it while brushing your teeth, the better you’ll get and the more you can apply this to other aspects of your life.

Mindfulness will relieve you of stress, make you more productive, allow you to think clearer, and even extend your life

Curious about that last bit…?  Watch this space, and I’ll explain soon!


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